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If you have searched the web, you already know that there are dozens of Reverse Cell Phone Lookup services. The following 3 factors should be considered when selecting a reverse lookup directory for cell phone numbers.

  1. The size of the directory’s database – this can vary from several million records up to 20 billion records
  2. Accuracy of the reverse directory – this depends on how up to date the particular database is
  3. The reputation of the service – the best services have even been recognized even in Inc. Magazine’s INC. 500.

If you haven’t seen our review of the best 3 reverse cell phone lookup services, please go to Top 3 Reverse cell phone lookup review

10 facts why this is our #1 reverse cell phone lookup directory

  1. Their award winning service was ranked as the 127th fastest growing company in North America according to Deloitte’s 2008 Technology Fast 500.
  2. The same program ranked them at number 8 for the Washington State (Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 program).
  3. They don’t only specialize in looking up unlisted phone numbers, but they also do other reverse lookup searches like people search, background checks, neighborhood checks, court record and criminal record checks etc. etc.
  4. They have delivered over 3.2 Million reports in 2008 – Please note that this is not only reverse cell phone lookup reports. This number also includes other searches that the company specializes in, in addition to reverse cell phone lookups.
  5. As much as 1 million people visit their website every single day.
  6. They have processed more than 16 million orders. Their super fast technology typically processes more than 3000 queries per second (again, please bear in mind that these are not only searches associated with reverse phone number lookups).
  7. They have one of the largest databases in the country with over than 20 billion records in house.
  8. This reverse phone lookup company has been recognized in Inc. Magazine’s INC. 500.
  9. There were selected as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces by the Puget Sound Business Journal.
  10. They also engage in charitable events that support Education, Health care, Youth and Family issues.

reverse cell phone lookup reviewStart your Free Preliminary Reverse Cell Phone Lookup by visiting the homepage of Intelius herebest reverse phone lookup review

The following is a screenshot of their homepage. Since you are trying to do a reverse cell phone lookup, you should fill the phone number in question in the boxes that say Reverse Phone Lookup.

reverse cell phone lookup

What to look for when selecting a reverse cell phone lookup directory service

There are a lot of companies that offer Reverse Cell Phone Lookup services. Obviously not all of them are equally good. Here are the criteria that you should look at before you decide on a particular service.

  1. The accuracy of data
  2. Is the phone numberdatabase frequently updated?
  3. How big is the particular cell phone lookup database?

Data accuracy – Obviously if the data is inaccurate, you should keep away from it. Inaccurate reverse phone lookup data will give you the name and address of somebody other than the actual owner of the telephone number that you are trying to trace. This obviously doesn’t need further explanation, so we’re not going to waste your time on this aspect of reverse cell phone directories.

Frequency of Updating – This is especially important with mobile phone directories than land phone numbers. People would rarely change their land numbers (home phone numbers), unless of course they move. But how often do people move? In contrast, people change cellular numbers all the time. I myself was with Verizon and changed to T-mobile at the beginning of 2009 and as of 2010 I’m on AT&T and considering going back to Verizon. And I know so many people that are worse than me. Try doing a reverse cell phone number lookup on me using an outdated database!

People do this all the time, when they get a better deal with a particular phone or with a particular cellular plan. These changes often come together with changes in the cell phone numbers as well. So what happens if you do a reverse cell phone lookup using an outdated cell phone directory? You get the previous owner’s name instead of the current owner’s. I’m sure you don’t want that.

Size matters – Who says it doesn’t? It is estimated that the USA has over 250 million cell phone users. So would you rather use a company that has 100 million telephone numbers in their reverse phone lookup database or one that has 250 million numbers in their cell phone number directory to lookup unlisted phone numbers? This is why it is extremely important that you choose the correct service for all your reverse cell phone search needs.

Top services you should use for reverse cell phone lookup

  1. Intelius – The best by far and an award winning company. They have been in the information commerce industry (aka predictive intelligence) since 2003, that’s a pretty old company when it comes to the internet! They have won so many awards that are far too many to list here. Overall, we think this is the best deal if you are trying to do a reverse cell phone lookup or any other reverse lookup.
  2. Reverse Phone Detective – Another great service. Their database has information about 217 million telephone numbers. At the time of writing this, they didn’t say if it was entirely cell phone numbers or if it included land phones as well. It has given us accurate information over and over whenever we tried to reverse search mobile numbers of our team members. They only specialize in reverse cell phone lookup services however.
  3. Cell Phone Number Registry – This is another great service whose database contains 253 million numbers. They also offer forward lookup. In other words, you can enter somebody’s name and find out their cell number. This forward look up functionality is not something offered by too many other services.
  4. Reverse Records – In addition to cell phone number searches, they give other searches such as SSN records, E-mail address search, Sex offender search and reverse address search. They also give you a free background report to compliment with your reverse phone lookup.

Conclusion: According to our findings the # 1 RECOMMENDATION

for an accurate reverse cell phone lookup is Intelius.

free reverse cell phone lookupClick Here to start your

Free preliminary Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Here is what a typical reverse cell phone lookup report from Intelius would look like

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

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Kevin J March 13, 2011

So SIZE MATTERS when it comes to reverse cell phone lookup too? LOL

Thanks guys, I almost used one of those EXPENSIVE sites. Glad I kept on doing research until I found this review

Amanda Lewis March 15, 2011

It really is ridiculous that some other reverse phone lookup websites charge you as much as $15 for looking up a single phone number regardless of whether it is a land phone number or cell phone number. I have seen other reviews that call themselves the best reverse cell phone lookup review etc. etc. however, this is the most comprehensive and accurate reverse cell phone look up that I have seen to date.

Thanks and good job!

anonymous March 19, 2011

It’s really sad how companies will create these phone objective “review” pages but really they’re just advertising their own services by writing about them in the third person. Don’t be fooled!

Admin March 19, 2011

Hey anonymous,

This is the admin writing and I just approved your comment! (we only approve non-spam comments and I surely had the option of deleting your comment)

If you thought that we owned Intelius or any other company mentioned here, you are wrong. Sure, I wish I owned Intelius because that would mean that I’m a millionaire :) But no we don’t. This really is an independent review site.

If anybody finds a better service with a better reputation and accuracy, please post here and we will gladly change the above rankings after doing our regular tests.

Anyways, thanks for your comment and we appreciate and respect the fact that you were not prepared to believe what you just read.


Harry March 21, 2011

This is in response to the comment the admin had left "If anybody finds a better service with a better reputation and accuracy, please post here and we will gladly change the above rankings after doing our regular tests".
I usually am not the kind of person that believes every thing I read on the internet. At first, I didn't believe your review either. But after doing an extensive search on the web, I failed to find any other company that was 'better'. I also found a case where Intelius was being sued for something. But almost every company is sued today for one thing or the other.
Bottom line is, I think your review on reverse cell phone look up companies is decent to say the least. I get the feeling that they are even bigger with background checks than reverse phone lookups. Anyways, I'll keep searching and will let you know if and when I find something.

Anonymous April 23, 2011

I really don’t understand why you have to pay for a reverse cell phone look up. Why can’t the state have a free reverse cell phone directory for everybody to use? Just doesn’t make sense to me

Admin April 24, 2011

@ Anonymous,

I think we have explained the answer to that question earlier. But in case, it’s not clear, let me try again. Somewhere around 2005-06, there has been a move to build a telephone directory of cell phone users. However, the cellular phone providers later realized that such an approach would compromise their subscribers’ privacy rights. That’s the reason each company pulled out of it. Let’s say company A promises to protect your privacy and company B says we publish your cell number in the phone book; which company do you think people will prefer most?
Companies like Nielsen have carried out various surveys in the past asking people if they prefer cell phone numbers to be listed on public phonebooks or not. The response has been mixed but the majority were concerned about their privacy. I couldn’t find the exact survey (may have been a different company than Nielsen), but here is similar survey done by Nielsen on a slightly different topic where the majority again says they are concerned about their privacy

Hope that answers your question!

Jordan April 26, 2011

I agree, the state should either protect cell phone numbers completely or should make them available freely. When these companies can provide our cell phone numbers how can u say that they’re protected? I really don’t see the logic behind that :(

Jihoon Chong May 1, 2011

I’ve been browsing online more than three hours today trying to find a good review of reverse phone lookup sites, yet I never found any interesting honest review like yours. The fact that it’s not free sucks, but when you pay money, you need to know you’re getting the right results.

Micky Spaaz May 11, 2011

Hey! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the great information you have here on this post. I got very accurate results from the reverse phone lookup I did. How do I know it was accurate? Because it’s the exact person I suspected. What I didn’t know was that he was using two phones!!

Joe James May 11, 2011

Thanks for a decent job guys. I have also been looking for an honest review on reverse cell phone lookup and this is the only one I found. As Jihoon above says, everybody says it’s free and then asks for money. You’re the only one that starts off by saying that free reverse cell phone lookup doesn’t exist!
But as others said, the fact that you can’t do a free reverse look up really does stink!


Mike T May 13, 2011

Damn, why do they all call them Free and then charge you money?

What they’re are giving for free is really crappy information. Who wants to know it’s a Sprint or that the phone number comes from Fort Wayne? I already know it’s from Fort Wayne and I really don’t care if it’s a Spint or Verizon or Cingular.

Well now that I’ve read this page thoroughly I know why you can’t get a free reverse cell phone search. But then aren’t these companies selling this information breaking the law? Aren’t they selling people’s private information? How come they’re still out there doing business? I don’t understand the logic of it. If it’s private, that’s fine everybody respects it and it shouldn’t be available for sale whether you’re willing to pay 99 cents or 60 bucks! Who controls these cell phone number information privacy rights anyway?

Tom Toto May 14, 2011

I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this review was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re doing an amazing job. As someone else pointed out earlier, if you are not Intelius it self (LOL) you’re doing a great job showing people what the best reverse cell phone lookup directory is. I see a lot of websites talking about reverse phone detective which is a much more expensive site. I saved a bunch thanks to you guys. Keep it up and hopefully you will update your review if you find a better site.


Linda May 24, 2011

Hey there,

This really is a great little review you have done here. When I read your review on the 3 or 4 different services, I can totally see why you have selected Intelius as the best service. They actually have a 5 package and that’s what I got. I used the first one and will keep the others for later. May be that’s something you can mention in your review. I doubt if others provide such a package.

Thanks again for an honest review. These things are hard to come by today, especially with so many adverts shouting ‘get your free reverse cell phone number look up here’

Tonya W May 24, 2011

I had no idea you could do this. I just searched for how to find someones cell phone number and I ended up on your website. It sure does look like a handy service I can make use of every now and again. I see that you can even look up the details of a date, find out background information about your new neighbors etc. also. Now that’s where I really see the power of this thing. Reverse phone lookup is great, but I would also take that extra step to check out the background info if it happens to be someone that i didn’t know of :)


Kylie May 27, 2011

what i’m struggling to understand is this. if cell phone user data is seriously protected by so called privacy laws, how come they are available for a fee? if they are ‘protected’, then they should not be available for free or pay!!

I find it difficult to believe this!!

Admin May 27, 2011

@ Harry, Jihoon, Micky, Joe, Tom, Linda,

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for appreciating what we have done! Hope you got accurate results with your searches. All the best!

@ Anonymous, Jordan, Kylie,

Yes, I totally see what you guys are saying. Unfortunately, I’m not a lawyer and neither do I want to pretend that I know all the laws behind these issues. If people want to earn money from doing something, I guess they will find ways to do it through loop holes or otherwise. What I do know however is that none of these companies are ‘illegal’. I have checked BBB (Better Business Bureau) for a couple of these companies and did not find any complaints against them which means they are not breaking the law!!

Sorry, I wish I could provide a more comprehensive answer!

szkolenia June 1, 2011

My understanding of cell phone number searches is that they can’t be free and I have no problem with that. Thanks for taking your time to compare different sites.

Adam June 2, 2011

Most reviews like this page – grab and engage many visitors quickly. I hope people see the real value you are providing :). Thanks for an interesting article. Also thanks for the screen shot from Wikipedia about reverse looking up of cellular phone numbers

Becky June 7, 2011

So having land phones in public reverse phone directories won’t compromise their privacy? I find it difficult to believe that only cell phone numbers are ‘protected’ while residential phones are not

Dav June 7, 2011

Thanks for sharing some superb information. Your review is very cool. I’m impressed by the amount of time you have spent on collecting data for your review. However, I agree that like several others mentioned the fact that you cannot do a reverse cell phone lookup for free sucks! However, there’s nothing you can do about it admin :)

Sharyn Shafto June 13, 2011

This is an excellent review. Thanks a lot for taking a few minutes to describe the strengths and weaknesses of different reverse phone directories to folks. It really is a great help! Hope I get an accurate reverse phone lookup :)

Jake Femmer June 14, 2011

Fantastic review this is! thank you for doing this comparison. It’s not too often that you simply read a review and actually believe in what the reviewer is saying. So many different blogs and reviews these days I’m almost reluctant to believe any review unless it’s from CNET or Wikipedia. Unfortunately, places like CNET only review directories that let you find a person’s name by reverse engineering their cell phone numbers :)

Nola M June 16, 2011

After studying your review of mobile phone directories and comparing it to other comparison sites I found on Google search and Yahoo search, I strongly believe you have done a very earnest job. I understand the frustration some others have expressed because you can’t get a reverse cell phone search for free. But that’s just it is. You can’t get certain things for free. Can you get someone’s background report for free? Can you get someone’s medical reports for free? Then why do you expect to get someone’s cell phone number for free?

Just because the whitepages made people’s residential phone numbers for free all these years, I think people are programmed to believing that they can get cell phone numbers also for free. I think it’s time we reprogrammed our brains. Didn’t mean to offend anyone by the way!


Mac Sawney June 16, 2011

Thanks for taking the time to post these data. By the way I’m also a webmaster and like to know how you made that table where you do the reverse cell phone service comparison. Did you use a particular wordpress plugin? Thanks!

Joe Huene June 19, 2011

One of the best if not THE BEST review I’ve seen on anything. You (your team) have done a genuine review and I really appreciate what you have done. I have seen many ‘reviews’ in the past with star rating systems. 3 stars. 3.5 stars. 5 stars etc. But they give no justification for all the stars they’re using. How on earth can you trust them? In contrast, your review talks about the exact criteria you used in your ranking system.
Again, thanks for a great job and yes I got ‘happy results’ with the service you recommend.


Kevin T June 22, 2011

Terrific review, that’s exactly what I was looking for! You just saved me a lot of looking around

Tyson F. Gautreaux June 28, 2011

Hi there! This review on reverse phone directories couldn’t have been written any better! Reading through this and it reminds me of my previous room mate! He did many reverse lookups whenever he dated someone new etc. So I guess that’s a date check up or whatever and I see that some of the sites you recommend are good for checking on dating partners as well! Anyway I don’t think you need to do a reverse lookup on her/his phone number, you can just reverse lookup the name and look for their criminal records I guess LOL! Why would you even start dating someone if you think she’s a criminal lol

Sarah July 1, 2011

Having gone through this detailed review I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this comparison table together. I too have looked around and not found a different company that can be considered better than Intelius.

Von Urlanza September 21, 2011

I do agree with the ideas you have presented in your review. I also agree with everybody else that said it sucks you have to pay for this information :)

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