Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – TOP 2 Services Reviewed

reverse cell phone lookup reportPersonal information (exact name, phone number, address and date of birth) have been blacked out for obvious reasons

10 Tips for Accurate Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Results

1. Use a frequently updated, accurate directory – if it ain’t updated regularly, you may end up getting details on the previous owner of that cell phone number. As you may already know people change their cell numbers and these numbers often get recycled. Whether it’s a cheating lover, a friend’s cell number or an prank caller that you’re after, you want to know the actual person behind that number. Accurate results is a must.
2. Use a directory with a large database – no database carries information on the entire US population. However, the best directories carry information on as much as 90% of US residents and over 1 billion records in total.
3. Use a trustworthy service with a good reputation – Some of these websites try to install malware on your computer. None of the legitimate sites will want to install anything on your computer.
4. Use a directory that gives maximum details with a simple reverse cell phone lookup – these are typically ones that provide other searches like background checks, neighborhood checks, date checks etc. Their databases are much larger than those that provide only cell phone number lookups and therefore can provide more information on cell phone owners.
5. Use a directory that doesn’t ask for your own number in exchange – as you may have already seen, some websites REQUIRE you to give your mobile number, name, address etc. before they let you search your mysterious number. Once they collect all your info, they will politely tell you that “Sorry, the number you searched for cannot be found in our database” OUCH… and now they’ve got your number, but you didn’t get anything in return. We only hope you entered some fake details.
6. Use a directory that offers FREE reverse cell phone lookup options - Free reports are obviously not as comprehensive as paid reports. However, a free report can be sufficient if you’re not expecting comprehensive results from the cell phone lookup
7. Pay ONLY if the Free results are not sufficient – as mentioned earlier, cell phone numbers are NOT listed on the white pages or yellow book. They are UNLISTED because a cell phone number is something that is ‘private and confidential’ and should not be easily accessible by any telemarketer and Tom, Dick and Harry. This is why a free cell phone number look up will not give you a ton of information, however, as we said earlier, in many cases, the free results can in fact be satisfactory.
8. How about support? – only a handful of reverse lookup services provide live support. This is an extremely useful feature because sometimes the automated software just don’t work and you need the help of live human beings. Don’t be discouraged if the automatic message is “phone number not found in our database”. Contact live support and from our experience, they are able to dig out the info almost every time!
9. Read the fine printsome services will give you a STEEP discount like 75% off the regular price. This is awesome, but they give the discount with the agreement that you try a particular membership for free for a particular period of time. It could be a 24 hour pass, a 2 day trial, a 7 day trial etc. At the end of the trial period, you will be automatically charged $xx as monthly membership fees or annual membership fees. Some of you will find this useful, but some of us don’t need it. Just be aware of this and always remember to read the fine print.
10. DO YOUR HOMEWORK – or look at the homework somebody else did (ex. the table below)

Comparison of the TOP 2 Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directories for US numbers


Rating No 1 Rated No 2 Rated
Cell Phone Directory #1 Rated Service #2 Rated Service
Contents on report
  • First and last names of the phone owner
  • Present and past addresses (historical data may not be available in all cases)
  • Age/date of birth
  • Relatives (especially if living at the same address)
  • Marital status
  • Average annual income
  • Home value (based on neighborhood demographic data)
  • Optional background check data: marriage/divorce records, business, criminal, and property records, court records, lawsuits etc.

Disclaimer: certain types of records may not be available with certain searches: e.g. a report may not list court cases or criminal records where the person has not committed such crimes

Find Name from Cell Phone Number (reverse cell phone lookup)

Find name by phone number (Reverse Cell Phone Lookup)

Clicking on the above screenshot will take you to the relevant page

Cell phone number lookup

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Find cell phone number from Name

Find Cell Phone Number from Name or Address

Go to this page
(this is a different page)

Also available

  1. Property record lookup
  2. Sex-offender lookup
  3. Background search
  4. Marriage/Divorce records
Reverse Address Search

Reverse Address Lookup

People/Friend/Stranger Search

People lookup

Reverse Email Search

(Warning on reverse email searches. Our accuracy rate with reverse email check was very low. Incorrect data came up for our own email addresses)

Reverse Email Lookup

Database size Over 1 BILLION records Over 1 BILLION records in total (Cellular Phone Numbers on file: 253,450,210, Landline Numbers on file: 1,430,310,190, Unlisted/Unpublished Numbers on file: 17,892,1222. New Records added constantly)
Information provided with Free reverse cell phone lookup Depends on the phone number.
Do a Free search here to see what you get for free
Depends on the phone number.
Do a Free search here to see what you get for free
How much for a paid search

Regular price: $4.95 for 4 days

SPECIAL LINK $1 for 4 day UNLIMITED search pass (this is a special link we found. May have expired, use it soon if still available. Special price shown on check out page)

Our #1 Recommendation First try the Free reverse cell phone lookup for company 1 and Company 2 and see what you get. If either one of them gives the information you need, that’s the end of the story. However, if neither one of them give you what you need, we recommend company #1. Don’t forget to use our coupon codes so that what you have to spend is minimal.
Click here to start the free preliminary reverse cell phone lookup with company 1.

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Kelly McBurns March 13, 2011

After doing hundred and one Google searches (OK I'm exaggerating a little bit), I came to this page. I couldn't find a good answer about why cell phone numbers are unlisted and why doing a reverse cell phone lookup was not possible with the white pages. But now I know! Thank you!
Also a big thank you for the review on the 3 reverse cell phone lookup directories. That was really helpful. In addition to the reverse cell phone lookup, I also used the recommended service to do a social network and background check on the number that I had a problem with and it was awesome. Thanks again!

Tamara Wallace March 13, 2011

I understand that cell phone numbers should be considered ‘private’. But it sucks when you want to find the name behind a suspicious cell phone number. I’ve been repeatedly seeing this suspicious number on my hubby’s cell and just did a reverse cell phone number look up using the site you guys recommend. I’m so glad I did it. It was not what I thought… silly me!

Thank god it was not what I thought it would be…. phew…. what a relief!

Anyways it still SUCKS to not have cell numbers on the white pages.

brian corbin May 10, 2011

Everybody advertise as this is free, your site is the only one that says it’s not free. I have been trying to look up a number for hours and every one of the sites say its free, but when i put the number in they try to charge me. At least you explain why it’s not free. Thanks for your honesty.

Admin May 14, 2011

Hey Brian,

Yeah, unfortunately, a lot of so called reverse phone ‘services’ advertize them as free, simply to attract people to their websites. I guess you can’t sue them because they do give a limited amount of information for free. The chances are that for most of us, the free reverse phone look up results are not sufficient and we will go on and purchase the full report even though we originally came there to get a free reverse cell phone lookup. It is not the ideal method of advertizing, but I’m sure they have to cover their overheads and all that. Collecting these data, organizing them and keeping them updated probably doesn’t come free, especially when you think about the number of cell phone users in the USA and all over the world :)

Will, MI June 2, 2011

I Found Your Site When I Searched For Best Reverse Phone Lookup Review. I Think This Is One Of The Most Comprehensive Reviews I Have Seen For Any Product On The Internet. I Congratulate The Webmaster/s For The Unmatchable Job.

Steve, Austin TX June 11, 2011

I agree! A top class review in all aspects!

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