Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – TOP 3 Services Reviewed

One of the commonest questions we get is can you trace the owner of a cell phone number using a reverse cell phone lookup service and if so what kind of information about the mobile phone owner can be obtained.

The answer to the first question is, YES you can trace the owner of a mobile number using specialized reverse lookup directories. Here is what you can get with a reverse phone lookup. Please keep in mind that in some cases, you may not be able to get this much information and only the name will be available!

What information about the cell phone owner can you get from a reverse lookup?

A comprehensive reverse cell phone lookup can provide you with a variety of information including but not limited to the following information.

  1. The Full Name
  2. Present and past addresses
  3. Details about family members – marital status
  4. Annual income
  5. Home value (demographic data)
  6. Cellular phone carrier

Given below are two screenshots of different reverse cell phone lookup reports we obtained for test purposes. As you can understand, even though cell phone numbers are unlisted and cannot be found on regular phone directories such as the white pages, you can reverse lookup cell numbers using certain online reverse cell phone lookup directories.

Here is a reverse look up report we obtained last year. Personal information has been blanked out for privacy reasons.

reverse cell phone lookup report


Here is the 2nd reverse cell phone number lookup report

reverse cell phone look up

Keep reading to learn where we got above reports from….

The reverse cell phone lookup service that gets our TOP recemmendation

In a hurry and wants to read a review of our #1 recommended reverse lookup service? Go to Best Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Review or scroll down to read it!

Can you get all of above information with a FREE reverse cell phone lookup?

The answer unfortunately is NO! Cell phone numbers have been ‘unlisted’ for a reason. Neither the white pages nor the yellow pages list cell phone numbers. This has been done deliberately to protect the privacy rights of cell phone users.

You will get some information for FREE,

Depending on your personal requirements, the amount of information you get for Free may be sufficient. However, in some cases, the results you get with a Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup will be insufficient.

There are privacy laws protecting cellular phone subscribers

reverse cell phone look up directories

Yes, at least in the USA, there are various privacy laws and acts. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about reverse cell phone lookup directories.

reverse cell phone lookup wikipedia

As you can gather from the above screenshot from Wikipedia, you have no option but to go with certain websites/companies if you want to do a reverse phone lookup for a cell phone number.

How do you decide what the best reverse cell phone lookup directory is?

We did the research for your convenience and the results are as follows. We looked at the following criteria when we did this reverse cell phone search review.

  1. Price for a FULL report – starting at 99 cents up to $69
  2. Reputation of the company
  3. Database size
  4. Accuracy of results – we tested the top 3 services with reverse searches of cell phone numbers of our team members (so that we know who the actual owner is). Proof provided below.
Name of Service
Price, Company Reputation, Database Size and Accuracy

# 1

Service A

Tops the list in ALL aspects

BEST  Reverse Cell  Phone Lookup Service

  • The reports shown above were obtained through this reverse lookup service
  • This service outranks others by a long way
  • They have been recognized in INC. 500 of the Inc. Magazine – how many websites can brag about such an achievement?
  • They were also selected as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces according to Puget Sound Business Journal a few years ago
  • Their database has over 20 Billion in house records and they get as much as 1,000,000 visits to their site everyday by people trying to do various reverse searches
  • You can also do other reverse lookups such as background checks and neighborhood checks in addition to reverse phone lookups
  • 100% accurate for all numbers checked by us
  • Need we say more?

reverse cell phone look upStart Your FREE Preliminary Search Here.

(Limited results provided for 100% FREE. Full report is only 99 cents with the current 80% off deal. Regular price is $4.99)

Click here to visit their official website.


Read a comprehensive review of the above

reverse cell phone service here

 #2Service B
  • Popular service.
  • Used to be known as Reverse Phone Detective and now known as Phone Detective.
  • There are a couple of major differences between this site and Intelius.
  • Firstly, Phone Detective charges $14.95 per reverse cell phone number look up.
  • Secondly, their services are limited to tracing phone numbers (cell and land numbers). In contrast, Intelius provides every kind of reverse lookup including but not limited to Reverse Phone Lookup, Criminal Record Lookup, Background Checks, SSN checks, Driver’s License checks etc. etc.
  • Database size is not mentioned on the website
  • 100% accurate for all numbers we checked
  • Click Here to Visit Phone Detective (If you must pay a higher price)
 #3Service 3
  • They also charge $14.95 per reverse cell phone number look up
  • Have been around for several years, but not as ‘old’ as Intelius or Phone Detective
  • Specializes in reverse phone lookups only
  • Database size not mentioned on the website
  • 100% accurate for all numbers we checked
  • Click Here to Visit Reverse Phone Check
  • Up to $69 per reverse cell phone lookup
  • We DO NOT recommend you use this service simply because it’s EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE @ $69 per search
  • The only reason we are showing it here is because we want to show you that the massive price range for reverse cell phone lookups in the market – 99 cents from Intelius to $69 from
  • Don’t believe us? See for yourself by clicking here



cell phone number reverse lookupClick Here to Find out Who’s Behind That Cell Phone Number.

Hope this information on how to conduct a reverse mobile number look up was helpful and you learned something of value. You can read a comprehensive review of the best reverse cell phone lookup service on our homepage.

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Kelly McBurns March 13, 2011

After doing hundred and one Google searches (OK I'm exaggerating a little bit), I came to this page. I couldn't find a good answer about why cell phone numbers are unlisted and why doing a reverse cell phone lookup was not possible with the white pages. But now I know! Thank you!
Also a big thank you for the review on the 3 reverse cell phone lookup directories. That was really helpful. In addition to the reverse cell phone lookup, I also used the recommended service to do a social network and background check on the number that I had a problem with and it was awesome. Thanks again!

Tamara Wallace March 13, 2011

I understand that cell phone numbers should be considered ‘private’. But it sucks when you want to find the name behind a suspicious cell phone number. I’ve been repeatedly seeing this suspicious number on my hubby’s cell and just did a reverse cell phone number look up using the site you guys recommend. I’m so glad I did it. It was not what I thought… silly me!

Thank god it was not what I thought it would be…. phew…. what a relief!

Anyways it still SUCKS to not have cell numbers on the white pages.

brian corbin May 10, 2011

Everybody advertise as this is free, your site is the only one that says it’s not free. I have been trying to look up a number for hours and every one of the sites say its free, but when i put the number in they try to charge me. At least you explain why it’s not free. Thanks for your honesty.

Admin May 14, 2011

Hey Brian,

Yeah, unfortunately, a lot of so called reverse phone ‘services’ advertize them as free, simply to attract people to their websites. I guess you can’t sue them because they do give a limited amount of information for free. The chances are that for most of us, the free reverse phone look up results are not sufficient and we will go on and purchase the full report even though we originally came there to get a free reverse cell phone lookup. It is not the ideal method of advertizing, but I’m sure they have to cover their overheads and all that. Collecting these data, organizing them and keeping them updated probably doesn’t come free, especially when you think about the number of cell phone users in the USA and all over the world :)

Will, MI June 2, 2011

I Found Your Site When I Searched For Best Reverse Phone Lookup Review. I Think This Is One Of The Most Comprehensive Reviews I Have Seen For Any Product On The Internet. I Congratulate The Webmaster/s For The Unmatchable Job.

Steve, Austin TX June 11, 2011

I agree! A top class review in all aspects!

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